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ITV Community Engagement

ITV passes the mic.

We know that marginalized voices, often boxed out of conversations and barred from input, don’t need someone else to give them a voice—they just need the microphone.

ITV Community Engagement convenes listening sessions for public health initiatives, advises marketing and research campaigns, and works with documentary filmmakers and authors to ensure access to overlooked populations for a variety of issues and products.

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We navigate sensitive power dynamics and social distances to make sure that nothing about us without us is more than a mantra.

Our Community Engagement Team brings together social change communicators, academics, and credible messengers who have lived the life together to curate meaningful input on projects for impact. We can do a one-off discovery session, a series of curated conversations, deep-dive interviews, or a community immersion.  

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About Us

Learn more about the history of ITV and what we have to offer.

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We offer an array of training programs from credible messenger training to public safety planning.

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